May I Find God's Plan For My Life

Heavenly Lord, I so desire to do Your will and to find the plan You have for my life. I know Lord that You have scheduled every day of my life and I do believe that the right path is already laid out for me, but I am not sure which door to push on or which path the follow.
I ask You to give me wisdom to discern what You would have me to do and I pray that the Holy Spirit would be my guide, to direct me where I ought to go. I truly want to be open to You plans and purposes and I also want to wait Your timing and not try to superimpose my own will over Your perfect will for me, but Lord  I do ask that I am soon find You plan for my life.
Give we patience to wait Your time, wisdom to know what to do and humility to seek only Your will and not mine and readiness to hear You still small voice above my own impulsive heart.. Into Your hands I now commit my future and thank You Lord, for I know that You have promised to guide me every step of the way – in Jesus name I pray,