Into Your Hand I Commit My Current Business

Loving Lord and heavenly Father, things are getting difficult throughout the whole business world and the same is the case with my own little business - and yet I felt led by Your hand to go into this line of work some time ago, and You have been very gracious to me for which I bless Your name. Father I know that all things come from You and Your set-up - but You also lay-aside when a job is completed.

Look down I pray on my business – Lord it’s a failing business, for things are getting very difficult and there are times when I wonder if I should shut the doors on this work entirely – or labour to maintain it. So Lord I am casting this burden on You for You have called all those that are heavy laden to cast their burdens on You and have promised to carry them all – praise Your name.

Lord You know that this work is what I have been used to and I am ill-equipped to learn a new skill in this economic climate but Father I want to be in Your will – and so I want to hand my whole business enterprise into Your hands.. and ask that You would show me what I ought to do… Lead me Lord – and guide me to do the wisest thing. Give me wisdom to make the right choice and Father… my trust is in You for all that I have is Yours and You have promised to provide all my needs, according to Your grace and riches in glory,