Healing In Body And Spirit For My Brother

Loving Lord, I thank You for my brother. I love him dearly, but Lord I know that You care for him so much more that I ever could, for Your whole nature is bathed and brimming with perfect Love and deep Compassion.

Heal my dear brother I pray, not only of his physical ailments that are bothering him at this time, but more importantly I pray that You would address his spiritual need. Lord, he has played the fool with the good news of Salvation and wants to "enjoy life" first, before he thinks about his eternal soul.–But Father, this is a dangerous game to play, and I pray that in Your love and compassionate mercy You will convict Him of sin in his life, and the need for Salvation through Jesus Christ, Who is his only door into eternal life.

You have called each of us to pray earnestly for all men, and especially those of our own household, and though I know this means I should pray for all my born-again brothers and sister in Christ, I am sure that it includes the brother that is a part of my earthly family. And so I come to You today to plead that in Your grace and mercy, You would bring my own brother, whom I love dearly, to recognise His need of Jesus, just as You did the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus. Heal him Lord, in body, soul and spirit I pray, in Jesus' precious name,