For Those Who Suddenly Become Single Again

Loving Father, we thank You for the way You have formed us into families and for the joys of family life, but Father there are many who have been married, and surrounded by their families and yet have suddenly found themselves in a position of singleness once more, either by death or separation, divorce or simply the continuous ebb and flow of family life today.

Lord, we lift up before Your throne of grace brothers and sisters in Christ who find themselves in a position of being single once again, often having had this position thrust upon them rather than it being from choice. We pray Lord, that You would meet each cry of help, each sigh of loneliness and any pain that such enforced singleness may have inflicted. Be their strength and helper their constant companion and comforter. Be to each one a tower of refuge and may each one find rest in their hearts and soul as they find their rest and strength in You.

Keep each one from any form of self-pity and bring into the life of each one good and caring friends and activities that bind them closer to other members in the body of Christ. May they all grow together in love and unity more and more knowing that Your soon return is at the very door. Draw very close we pray to those that find themselves to be lonely, especially during the long hours of night, and may the joy of your salvation well up in each of their hearts day by day as they draw ever closer to You. In Jesus' name we pray,