For The President Of The United States.

Dear God of the heavens, King of all the nations and Governor of all peoples, we lift up our President to You today, for You have called on all Your people to pray earnestly for kings, presidents, rulers and leaders of the nations.

Lord, we know that You set up all those position of power and authority and remove leaders from their lofty perches as You see fit, and we also know that You give to the nations the leaders they rightly deserve. Lord, we bring our President to You, knowing that many in our land are concerned with the decisions that he, and those around him are making on behalf of our people. Lord, we know that You can turn the hearts of all men who are open to Your leading, and that You also use the wrong decisions of kings and rulers to forward Your own sovereign plans and purposes.

We ask that You turn the heart of our President into a man with discernment and wisdom, and the courage to put the honour of God first and the cause of Christ Jesus at the forefront of his decisions and actions, so that we may once again return You to Your rightful position, at the helm of our once great nation.

Fulfil now O Lord, the plans that You have purposed for our President and for our country. We pray that Your sovereign purpose for our nation be carried out in our land, and may we cry, "Your will be done." In Jesus' name,