For My Son To Develop Godly Truthfulness

Heavenly Father, I pray that my son would develop into a true man of God and that his life would manifest the godly fruit of the Spirit that You desire to show forth in each of our lives.

You Lord are the light of the world, and I pray that this son of mine would become a shining light reflecting the glory of Jesus in all that he says and does. I pray also, that he would become a man who lives his life in spirit and truth, casting away all the works of darkness, deception and falsehood, and clothing himself with the armour of light, in this increasingly dark and dangerous world.

I pray, that he would be willing to allow the searchlight of Your Holy Spirit to identify in him any areas in his life that may dishonour and displease You, and I ask that You would guide him into all truth, so that in every way he is pleasing in Your sight. May his life be honouring to Your name and may he learn to walk in spirit and truth until his life’s end. In Jesus' name I pray,