For Discernment To Give Godly Counsel

Loving Lord, I ask that You would give me a wise and understanding heart. A heart that readily discerns Your will, so that I make the best choices for my life and am enabled to give the best help to those in need.

Give me an obedient heart. A heart that is ready and willing to say, "Thy will be done" and not to insist that my will is best. Lord, I know that the heart is deceptive and I pray that I will be kept from wrongly discerning Your truth because of my pride or foolishness. Keep me low at the cross I pray.

Keep me, I pray, from ungodly council, for I know how destructive the loose words of a false witness can be, and keep me from a presumptuous attitude that is so destructive to the soul.

Open my heart to listen to Your still small voice and give me discernment to know when to speak and what to remain silent. Direct and govern my steps I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ,