Concerns About Being Laid Off

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for your provision for me up to now. You have never failed or forsaken me, but Lord, You know all about my situation and the fears that keep welling up inside my heart, and I come to You today to ask that You would calm my fears, for You are my God and You are more familiar with my present circumstances that I am. 

So Lord, You know the burden that I am carrying and the concern I have that I may lose my job in the near future, due to the changes that are taking place at work, and Lord You also know the family responsibilities that I have as well and, oh Lord I just want to lay all these worries at Your feet and ask You to straighten out the path ahead of me. I pray that my job may be safe, but Lord, I also know that I may be made redundant or be laid off, and I am so concerned as I would not be in a position to meet all the financial needs that I have. 

Lord, into Your hands I give my situation and am trusting You, for I have no help except in You. Pour your peace that passes all understanding into my heart so that I may rest in You and abide in You. And Lord, should my current work position be terminated, I do trust You to provide me with the work that I need. Keep me ever trusting in You, for You alone are my Rock and my help in time of trouble. Whatever happens, I pray that I may praise Your name, for You alone are worthy. In Jesus' name I pray,