Comfort For The Sinner Saved By Grace

Dear God, I know that I have fallen into deep sin. I have sinned against You and discredited Your holy name. I confess that I have done wrong, and I come to You empty handed and in poverty of spirit, knowing that my comfort and peace can only come from You.

Thank You for Your promise that if I come to You and confess all my wrongdoings and sins, You have promised to forgive me and cleanse all my unrighteousness. Thank You, that the blood of Jesus is the cleansing flood that has washed all my sins away, and thank You that when I confess my sins You have promised to restore me into sweet fellowship with Yourself and wash me entirely clean.

Thank You that I am a sinner saved by grace and that my eternal security is dependent of the work of Christ on the cross and not on me. I pray this in Jesus' precious name,