Bedtime Prayers For Soldiers

Father, as we settle down to sleep in the relative peace and safety of our own homes, we want to lift up our brave men and women in uniform, who are serving in so many difficult and dangerous places, and under such harsh and uncomfortable circumstances.

We pray for Your protection and guidance in the tremendous challenges that they are called to face, as they strive to protect our country and maintain peace and security in their various situations

Give wisdom to those that are in authority that they may make the right choices and be directed by You in the many decisions they are called up on to make. And may those that are under their authority be covered by Your protecting hand and return home in due course, to their family and friends that have been left behind.

Lord we know that in this peace-keeping role there are many emotions and hardships that our military will inevitably have to face and so we pray that You would be close to those that are lonely, give strength to the weary, hope to the despairing, peace to those that are disturbed and grace to all who are having to face the many hardships and dangers that are associated with military duties. And most of all we pray that many that the men and women in uniform would come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus  Christ as Saviour in the days that lie ahead – this we ask in Jesus name,


“He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.”