An Honest Prayer For Peace In The World

Loving Lord, our hearts are crying out for peace in the world, and yet we know that Scripture has told us that throughout this church age and beyond, and until the Lord Jesus Himself returns to set up His Millennial kingdom, there will be no peace in this world. Rather, there will be wars and rumours of wars, which will cause humanity to cry out for peace, peace when there is no peace. Help us to understand that there will be no peace until that time when Jesus returns to earth as the Prince of Peace, at the end of the coming tribulation period.

Lord, I long for peace and indeed I pray for peace in this world but Father, I do not want to pray against the plans and purposes which You have set by Your divine decree. Help me to pray intelligently as I see the people of the world crying out for peace, peace, when the world can never provide the peace that this world longs for.

I recognise that the nations of the world have almost unanimously turned their backs on You Lord Jesus, and that the time of judgement, about which we read in Scripture, is growing ever closer.

Father, we know that You have purposed that grace comes before judgement and we also know that the coming judgement of the world is to demonstrate Your mighty power to the nations, so that the nations will know that You are the Lord.

Father, I pray that many, many men and women will turn to You during this coming time of tribulation, about which we read in Revelation. Thank You that Your children, the Church, will be taken to heaven before this terrible time of Jacob’s trouble begins, but Lord have mercy and save a great multitude without number so that in the ages to come that great multitude of believing men and women will live in peace and safety, in the kingdom of Your dear Son.

I pray this in Jesus' name,