Active Soldier’s Night-Time Prayer

Loving Lord, thank You for bringing me safely through this days trials and tests and I pray that You would give me a good nights rest so that I may wake refreshed, strong to do Your bidding in the service into which I have been called.

Forgive me for the things that left undone and cleanse my heart from all foolish thoughts and lustful imaginations that can flood my mind when I am not actively depending upon You. Give me a steadfast heart towards You and keep me from the temptations that can overtake the minds of those that are far from home and in a hostile environment. Purify my thoughts I pray especially as I settle down for the night’s rest.

May the peace of God which passes understanding fill my heart and protect my mind through the hours of darkness. May I rest in You tonight and abide under Your protection throughout the hours of darkness and I pray that You would ease away the weariness of body and soul and give me the sleep that is reserved for Your beloved children.

I pray Your protection and blessing on all those that I love at home and keep them ever looking to You and bring us back together I pray so that we may love and serve You together once again, in Jesus name I pray,