A Prayer Profession Jesus As The Only Way.

Thank You, Father, for the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ Your only begotten Son, and thank You for the simple truth that salvation is found in no other Person and no other Name, for there is no other person or name given under heaven whereby we must be saved.

How I praise You that in Your grace and mercy, You have brought me to this precious understanding that Jesus alone is the only Way to heaven and that no one but Jesus is able open the door into Your holy presence.

I believe that by His blood, sinners are able to have peace with God, through believing on Him and that in Him, those of us who have trusted Christ as Saviour, may be covered in the peace of God, which passes all understanding.

I believe that we who know Him as Saviour, have been set free from slavery to sin and the curse of death, and that the day is coming when every knee will bow before His throne and every tongue will confess that. “Jesus Christ is Lord”, to the glory of God the Father.

Take my life I pray, and use it as a witness to the truth of the gospel, that Jesus Christ is the one and only way to the Father, and may many come to faith in You in the days that lie ahead, to Your praise and glory. This I ask in the name of Jesus,