A Prayer for Your Love to Shine Forth

Loving Lord and heavenly Father – thank You that I am Your child.. and Father I pray that my life may become so saturated with Christ Jesus, that the fruit of the Spirit may grow and develop in my life - to Your praise and glory.

Father, however I am treated by other people – I pray that Your love may shine forth in me. Whatever happens in my life – I ask that Your peace and joy would abide within. No matter what difficulties I may encounter in life, teach me to be patient and kind in all my dealings with others and manifest the goodness and grace in me that only comes from You. Lord.. However hard times may become I pray that I may be gentle and self-controlled in my actions and attitudes and Father that I may be a good and faithful servant … but Lord I thank You that no matter what happens - even when I step away from You…You remain faithful…

Lord I know that I cannot develop the fruit of Your Holy Spirit through my own effort or will – but only as I rest in Christ. Help me to abide in You I pray….