A Prayer For Personal Holiness

Thank You, Father, that You have called me out of darkness into Your marvellous light and set me free from slavery to sin and released me from bondage to fear. 
Thank You for breathing the new resurrection life of Christ into my very being, and for taking up permanent residence within my heart. Lord, I want to be led by Your Holy Spirit and to walk in spirit and truth. I want to live a godly life and to develop personal holiness, but I do not really know how to. 
Lord, I come to You incapable of being able to live a holy life myself and humbly ask You Lord, that You would teach me to be holy and show me how You would have me live. Open my eyes to see what You would have to do. Unblock my ears so that I may hear Your still small voice, and give me a teachable spirit to learn all that You would teach me. I know that alone I can do nothing, but in Christ, Who is my life, I can do all things. In Jesus' name,