A Father’s Graduation Prayer For His Son

Heavenly Father, how I thank You for the life of my son and for bringing him to this important milestone in his life, a graduating ceremony that ends such an important period of his journey through life, and gives way to the twists and turns that he will inevitably face in the future.

I pray that he will apply all that he has learned up to now, and that You would continue to teach him Your ways and to guide him along the path that You would have him go. Give him wisdom in the choices that he will have to make, and I pray that he will have sound judgements in the challenges that lie ahead of him.

I pray that he has learned the lessons of responsibility, integrity and grace that he has been taught throughout his life, and that what he has learned will manifest itself in the direction that he chooses to go. Keep him steady in his faith and may he maintain his trust in You, especially when he starts to be bombarded with the inevitable temptations and taboos in life, that cause so many young people to go astray.

As he faces a working world, I pray that he will maintain his trust in You. I also ask that with the many additional responsibilities of life he now faces, that You will guide him socially, financially and spiritually in all things and that he will turn to You as his Guide. Help him Lord, to stand fast in the faith in which he has been grounded from being a little boy and keep him from being influenced by unethical business practices or any unhealthy social contacts.

I pray that he will turn to You in all his needs and necessities, and that in Your time and in Your way You will bring a godly wife into his life, so that together they my stand firm against the tide of humanity that seeks to swamp all those that trust in You.

Father, thank You that You are my Father and for giving me the privilege of being a father to my own son. I pray that in his adult life He will keep You as the Rock upon which he is grounded, and his ever present helping time of need. In Jesus' name I pray,