A College Students Prayer

Heavenly Lord, there is so much that is facing me during this time at college that I scarcely have time to pray and Lord, I know that only when the Lord Jesus is the central focus of my life will I have the sufficient supply I need.

Help me to discipline myself to spend time with You, not in a legalistic sense but in the knowledge that time spent with You in Your Word and in prayerful communion, is time that is well spent, for only as I rest on You can You work through me.

Lord, there are also so many distractions in college life, not only the pull from other students to waste time on unedifying entertainment, but even behind closed doors on the dorm there is always the pull of mindless internet interactions that can so often steal important time. Help me to resist the temptations that seem to surround me throughout the day and the night times, but deliver me Lord, when I do succumb to foolish desires.

Help me to stay focussed on my educational studies I pray, and not to miss the many deadlines that are set for by the various tutors, and I do pray that You would enable me to have a good nights sleep each night, so that I am ready to face the day refreshed.

Thank You for the friends that You have brought into my life, and thank You for the friends and family I have beyond the walls of this college. Help me to be a true witness to Jesus and stand fast in my belief in You. Thank You in Jesus' name,