Prayer for John 8:21

“Then He said to them again, "I'm going away; you will look for Me, and you will die in your sin. Where I'm going, you cannot come."”

Praying through John 8:21

Heavenly Father, this is a solemn teaching, and it grieves my soul that there are many, like the proud Pharisees, who reject Your offer of salvation. It grieves me to know that there are still foolish people, who like the leaders of the Jews, refuse to open their eyes and ears to the truth of the gospel of Christ. Soften the hearts of men, women, Jew, and Gentile alike, so that they may recognise Christ as Saviour, and place their trust in His sacrificial work at Calvary. Use me I pray, to spread the good news to unsaved people, so that they may hear, and believe and not die in their sins, but be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, our God, and our Saviour, in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for John 8:21