Prayer for Isaiah 6:9

“And He replied: Go! Say to these people: Keep listening, but do not understand; keep looking, but do not perceive.”

Praying through Isaiah 6:9

Heavenly Father, it must have been wonderful for Isaiah to see the Lord, high and lifted up, but what a solemn message he was given, that people would hear his words but reject his message. Lord, it is human nature to expect people to respond positively to the glorious gospel of grace, and yet I see that many will hear the words of the gospel but not listen or understand because of the hardness of their hearts. Help me not to become discouraged when I try to share the gospel and am rebuffed or scorned. Help me to be faithful in the work You have given me to do and I pray that some would hear and respond with repentance and joy, for the honour of Your holy name. This I ask in Jesus' name, AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Isaiah 6:9