Prayer for Genesis 3:21

“The Lord God made clothing out of skins for Adam and his wife, and He clothed them.”

Praying through Genesis 3:21

Heavenly Father, thank You that the picture of Adam and Eve being covered in the skin of an innocent animal, reminds us that Christ shed His blood for our sake, so that we could be forgiven of our sin, covered in His perfect righteousness, and receive life everlasting. Thank You that You did not leave us to wallow in our sin, but set in motion Your perfect plan of redemption for whosoever believes in the atoning blood of Christ. Give me a greater understanding of the shocking effect of sin in the lives of individuals and the world at large, and thank You for Your unimaginable mercy, incalculable grace, infinite wisdom, and amazing kindness, in sending Jesus to be the offering for my sin. Thank You in Jesus' name, AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Genesis 3:21