Prayer for Daniel 4:3

“How great are His miracles, and how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom, and His dominion is from generation to generation.”

Praying through Daniel 4:3

Heavenly Father, thank You for the amazing book of Daniel, where I can learn so much from the lessons about the dangers of human pride, the folly of a double-minded man, and that wisdom and understanding comes from You alone. Thank You for the reassuring knowledge that You are in control of every area of my life. I can truly confess with my whole heart, through the words that Nebuchadnezzar proclaimed, "How great are Your signs and how mighty are Your wonders! Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion is from generation to generation." Praise Your holy name! AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Daniel 4:3