Prayer for 1 John 3:4

“Everyone who commits sin also breaks the law; sin is the breaking of law.”

Prayer For A Recovering Alcoholic

Heavenly Father, thank You for helping me along the way to recovery from my addiction to alcohol. Thank You Father, for lifting me up out of the miry clay, saving me from my pit of despair and setting my feet on solid ground. Thank You that You cared enough for me.. to be there throughout my recovery.. to uphold me with Your righteous right hand, as You poured out grace and mercy to help, in time of need.

I repent of my foolish decline into alcoholism and confess my reluctance to admit that I was getting swept into an increasingly ungodly lifestyle. Forgive my selfish foolishness and thank You from the bottom of my heart for setting me on the right path to freedom in Christ by putting a new song in my mouth – even praise to my God.
Oh the joy and peace of knowing and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ. You have performed wonders in my life and I praise the good work that You are doing in me. Thank You for the freedom I have found in You as You have gently led me along the path to recovery from alcoholism. You are my God and have performed great and mighty wonders in me, and I praise Your holy name for ever and ever,

Category: Prayer for Alcoholics

Heavenly Father, I acknowledge You as the God of the universe, and Lord of my life. I thank You, that in Your grace, You sent the Lord Jesus to pay the price for my sin, and declared me righteous in Your sight - by faith in His sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. There are many, Lord, Who are still walking is rebellion against You, and are cloaked in sin and lawlessness. We pray that they would open their eyes to the truth in the precious Word of God, and be saved by grace through faith in Christ - for which we give You thanks and praise - in Jesus name, AMEN

Source: Verse of the day for 1 John 3:4