Wisdom for A Future Boyfriend

Loving Lord, I am single and would love to have a boyfriend and to eventually get married, for You created men and women to live together and to cleave to each other, in the bond of loving unity. But Lord I want to be wise in my choices, for I know that You have scheduled every day of my life and this sort of union needs to be rooted in Your love and grounded on true biblical principles, and these days Lord, it is increasingly difficult to find men who love You with a godly love.

Lord, it is my desire to seek You over this matter of a boyfriend with all my heart, to seek You first and to leave my life entirely in Your hands, knowing You will prepare both my heart and that of my future boyfriend/spouse as is best for me and for him.

Help me not to follow my own feelings and emotions, which I know can be false and can often impede true wisdom, but rather may I rest in You entirely, knowing that at the right time and in the right way You will bring the right man of God into my life, so that together we may love and serve You as You would choose.

Help me to be patient and gracious in my waiting, and help me to love and trust You more and more. I pray that You would prepare us both for that time when You draw us together in a loving relationship, both in Your timing and in Your perfect way. In Jesus' name I pray,