When a Heart Does not Feel Joyful

Dear heavenly Father, I know that in You is joy everlasting and eternal hope and I have all that I need in You - but Lord I feel so empty of joy. Lord I feel as if I am so far from You and I don’t know what to do to sort it out.

Lord I come to You in my brokenness and confusion and ask that You would fill me with Yourself – for You are my God and I trust in the Lord Jesus, Who died to pay the price for my sins… I don’t deserve Your love and forgiveness but I thank You for Your gift of Salvation by grace - for without You I am lost.

Lord I know that Your Word says that nothing can separate me from Your love, even when I don’t feel joyful inside… but Lord if there is anything in my life that needs to be changed or that is dishonouring to You, I pray that You would show me - and restore to me the joy of being Your child.

Fill me I pray with the joy of salvation - pour into my heart the joy of the Lord - carry me I pray in Your loving arms and breathe into me Your Spirit of joy so that I may begin to rejoice in You once again, in Jesus name I pray,