To Recall God’s Promises In Time Of Depression

Lord Jesus, I have proved in my life that when I am weighed down with sin and cares and the worries of life, that an evil depression invariably descends on me and drags me down into greater despair.

Lord, I don’t want to succumb to this act of unbelief in my life, for I have learned that depression and despair are the fruit of unbelief, while the fruit of the spirit are the treasures You give to those that hope in the Lord, no matter what problems life may throw at us.

Help me not to be afraid or discouraged when things go wrong and not to dwell on the problem. But when evil thoughts arise in my heart, bring to my mind Your Word of truth I pray, for Your Word is health and healing and strength to my soul.

Help me to remember that the eternal God is my refuge and strength, and underneath are Your everlasting arms to support and carry me. Help me Lord, to cast all my cares on You, for You have promised to sustain me and never to let me fall. Help me to remember that You are the one that can heal my broken-heart, bind up all my wounds and help me not to be anxious for anything.

Lord, I lift this prayer to You with thanksgiving, knowing that You are a God Who hears and answers all that cry out to You. Guard my heart and mind I pray, in Christ Jesus,