That Jesus Will Be Lifted Up In Youth Ministries

Loving Lord Jesus, I pray that You will be lifted up in the youth ministries of today, and that the saving gospel of grace will be shared with the young people that attend. I ask that such Church and Christian fellowships will be places of fun and fellowship, but also that Your name will be honoured in all they do.

Lord, You have said that if You are lifted up, You will draw all people unto Yourself. I pray that many will be drawn to You through the different youth fellowships and that many will come to know Jesus as their Saviour and come to a true knowledge of the truth of Scripture. Lord Jesus, there are many young people that are hurting and lost and afraid and discouraged, and I pray that Your Holy Spirit would guide many to explore their local Christian youth group, and that they would find all that they need in Jesus Christ.

Bless the leaders of Christian youth groups. Give them the wisdom to lead by example and to have a heart for those that are in their care, so that Your name is lifted up and glorified. In Jesus' name,