That Christ Has His Rightful Position In This Marriage

Dear Lord Jesus, a wedding is always a happy and joyous occasion, reflecting that future day when the Lord Jesus will come in the clouds to claim His Bride, the Church.

I rejoice over this marriage and pray that the pledges the groom and bride make to one another, come from a sincere heart that places You in the rightful position in their union together, knowing that a Christ-centred marriage is one that can stand the pressures of life. 

May their home be a place of peace and harmony, and may all their cares and anxieties be handed over to You, knowing that Your grace is sufficient for all their needs according to Your riches in glory.

Bless them both Lord, bless them as they start their life together and throughout the years that lie ahead. And with the passage of time, I pray that You will remain in Your rightful position in their hearts and home, so that they may be a true Christian witness of Your grace in their lives. In Jesus' name,