Thanks For My Father Who Is Now With Jesus

O Lord how I thank You for my dear father who is now in the presence of the Lord Jesus and all those that have gone before. I miss him Lord so much, but I am happy to know that all the pain that he was suffering together with his increasing age, which had become so restrictive, has been left far behind him now - and that he is with You in heavenly places.

As I look back over my childhood and early years as well as my rebellious teenage time and adulthood I just want to thank You that he was always there to support and advise me, to instruct and teach me. Thank You Father of all mercies Who gave me my precious earthly father.

Thank You Lord for Your wonderful salvation – that Christ died to give us all eternal life – what a joy to know that we will all one day be with You forever, and at the appointed time will meet up with the father into whose hands You entrusted me – for which I praise and thank You.