Thank You For My Wife

Heavenly Father, thank You for the wife that You have been gracious to give me and thank You for the wonderful institution of marriage where a man and a woman becomes one flesh.

Help me to cleave to my wife as You have instructed in Your Word, and may we grow ever closer to each other and to You as we daily spend time in fellowship with one and other and in You presence, together.

May she grow strong in the Lord and in the power Your might, and protect her mind and thoughts I pray, from the influences of the world. Help her to fix her heart and mind on the Lord Jesus and may she continue to place her full trust and hope in You.

Give her a gentle spirit and a tender heart and may she become more and more a woman where her inner beauty shines out as the example of one who loves and fears the Lord. And help me to be a good and loving husband, so that together we can witness to Your authority in our lives and marriage. In Jesus' name I pray,