Teenagers Prayer to God

Dear Lord, I am glad that I can come and talk to You any time – Lord at times so much seems to be happening in my life I hardly know what to do. Lord I get so frustrated with people who keep trying to tell me what to do and yet I know that it is only because they want the best for me and yet I get so irritated with them – please help me to act wisely and not react as I am prone to do.

Lord I do thank You for my parents, I know that they mean well, but they always seem to want to run my life for me – help me not to lose my cool and to be able to respond appropriately to them. Lord I often know in my heart that what they say is right but it somehow makes me cross – please help me. Life at times seems so confusing, so many hurting people and so many that seem to want to hurt others.. Lord I don’t want to get like that – I really want to do what is right in Your sight. Help me I pray, in Jesus name,