Teach Me The Lesson Of Patience I Pray

Loving Lord, there seems to be so much that is going on in my life as I jump from one problem to another, and too often I get ‘het-up’ in my thinking and restless in my heart. I long to be like so many other believers that seem to be endowed with the gracious spiritual fruit of patience. Lord I have prayed for patience for so long, and it seems that the more I desire it to be patient the more things seem to pile up on top of me!

At times I wonder if You are trying to teach me something through all these difficulties and problems in my life. Are You trying to show me that I am asking for the wrong thing? Are You using all the difficulties and problems in my life to teach me that in myself I can never learn to be patient? Are You trying to bring me to an understanding that the patience that I am trying to develop in myself, by not getting frustrated and upset, is the wrong sort of patience? Are You wanting me to learn that the only patience I need comes from You, as a gift of God’s grace?

Oh Lord, help me I pray, to learn the lesson of patience and of love and of all the beautiful attributes that only come through a close and meaningful walk with the Lord Jesus. Help me to submit the difficulties and problems in my life onto You, instead of trying to put on a pretence of being ‘patient’, when what I need is Your love and Your peace and Your joy and Your patience, which I realise only comes by grace, through trusting You. Thank You for Your loving patience with me in teaching me how to live as You would have.