Single Parent’s Prayer For Daughter’s Scholarship

Dear Lord and Heavenly Father, I come to You in my poverty to ask for Your abundance and great grace towards my daughter. Lord, I am not in a position to pay for the fees for my daughter’s education and I come to You asking that You would make a way for her to attend her college studies.

Lord, I know that You are a God who hears and answers prayers and You have proved to me again and again that You are a gracious God who sees and responds to the plights and needs of your children. Lord, I now lift up the precious daughter that You have seen fit to entrust into my care, and ask that You would undertake for all that is needed for her to attend and complete her education.

Lord, if You are willing, I know that You can arrange a scholarship for my daughter at this time, but Lord, I pray that Your best will be done in the life of my daughter. Lord, I trust You to open the doors that need to be open, but I also pray that You would close the doors shut if she should not go through them. So Lord, I trust my daughter and her future education, career and life into Your hands, and pray that she would grow to love You more and more with every passing day. Into Your hands I commit my daughter and thank You Father for hearing and answering prayers. In Jesus' name I pray,