Protect the Minds of Young People in College

Loving heavenly Father, we pray Your protection over the many young Christian men and women that are attending colleges or universities today, knowing that so often they are a hotbed of anti-God philosophies. Protect their hearts and minds we pray, when they are confronted with humanist agendas that deny the truth of Your Word or when they are ridiculed for their faith in You.

Keep all who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour under the shadow of Your wing and the palm of Your hand for You have promised that NONE shall pluck them our of Your hands.

Give them wisdom in the choices that they make when they choose the career path or the subjects they decide to study. Keep them away from temptation and continually convict them of the truth of Your word, especially when they are studying courses that are so often diametrically opposed to the truth of Scripture.

Help them to find fellowship with You and support from other believers in Jesus and strengthen their trust in You so that they emerge from their studies strong in the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord.