Prayers For Healing Loneliness

I come to You Heavenly Father, in a time of great loneliness and pain, and pray for Your healing touch upon my life and the sufficient grace to face each day.
I ask for Your comfort and peace, especially during those moments of intense loneliness when I feel so incredibly alone and helpless. I long for just one person to show a little love and care, and yet the people that I know are too busy with their own lives to notice the intense pain that I am going through. Help me not to be bitter by their lack of love, but rather use it I pray, to mould me into the person that I know You want me to be.
Thank You, Lord, that no matter who forsakes me or displays disinterest in my life, that You are a faithful and ever-present friend, Who has promised never to leave me nor forsake me, and that no matter what difficulties or problems I may face, You are always there to love and to care, and to support with Your sufficient grace.
Touch the hearts of all those who like me, are facing loneliness. Comfort all our hearts. Give us the joy of Your salvation and help us all to look to Jesus during those times of loneliness. And I pray that You would help us to grow in grace, so that we may be enabled to show comfort and succour to others who are facing times of great loneliness and pain. This I ask in Jesus' name,