Prayer When on Holiday From Work

Loving Lord, we thank You for times of rest and relaxation and the opportunity to refresh our spiritual and bodily batteries. I remember that in the Bible the time that You took Your disciples apart from their busy ministry activities to “come apart and to rest awhile”, and it is wonderful that You grant us similar opportunities to take time to be reinvigorated and revitalised, both mentally and physically.
During this time away from my work place I ask that You would release any conscious or unconscious stresses or strains that I may have built up over the past months, and help me to switch off my mind from the urgent things that may be mounting up at work, so that I may return reinvigorated and better equipped to face the responsibility on my return.
Thank You for this time away from work, and I pray that this will be a time of great refreshment and renewal and a special time Lord when I draw even closer to You. In Jesus' name I pray,