Prayer To Recognize And Resist Temptation

Dear Lord Jesus, I know that my flesh desires to do what is contrary to the leading of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God, and that the new life in Christ, which I received when I was born again, is constantly in conflict with the old sin nature, which was severed at the cross but which still seeks to rule my life. Lord, I know that sin is certainly crouching at my door and seeking to devour me, but I do believe that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world, and that in the power of the Holy Spirit I am able to resist the many temptations that entice towards sin.

Help me to recognise when temptation is knocking at my door and enable me to act immediately, so as to resist its influence and gain the victory, which only comes through Christ.

Help me not only to recognise temptation, but to capture each and every tempting thought as it enters my mind and to hand it over to You in prayer and praise, knowing that Your grace is sufficient to meet every temptation, when I am yielded to You.

Lord, I pray that not only will you enable me to recognise and resist temptation, but may I grow in grace and in the knowledge of You as I seek to carry out Your will for my life in the power of the Spirit. In Jesus' name I pray,