Prayer To Overcome “Holiday Blues”

Dear God, I seem to get what I can only describe as, “holiday blues,” when I know that my holiday is getting closer, and it causes me to become quite stressed, agitated, weary and depressed. Lord, I truly want to overcome this unpleasant feeling effectively and permanently, and pray that in Your grace, You would show me what I need to do to triumph over it it for all time.
Lord, there have been many people who have kindly tried to suggest solutions, but I know in my heart that only You have the right answer for my ‘holiday blues’, and I pray that You would show me what I need to do to be rid of it forever.

Lord, into Your hand I place this problem, which is becoming such a big disadvantage in my life, and ask You to guide me to the right solution. Lord, if there is anything in my life that needs to be addressed before this inner conflict can be resolved, or if there is anything in me that is preventing me from being set free from this debilitating ‘holiday blues,’ I pray that You would graciously work in me, so that I may begin to look forward with excitement to my holiday, instead of dread. In Jesus' name,