Prayer To Overcome Fear Of Losing A Baby

Dear Lord, I have had a number of miscarriages, and I also know of many people who have lost the little baby that they were carrying. It leaves such a deep wound, and Lord I don’t want to lose my baby this time. Please be with me Lord, and keep me safe and the little baby as well, I pray.

Lord, I know that every day of our lives are safe in Your hands, and even though the difficulties that I have had in previous pregnancies have not come from You, yet Lord I know that You are able to use everything that happens in our lives, even the painful things and the bad things, and turn it for good.

Nevertheless Lord, I fear the possibility of losing this baby and ask You to take away this wrong thought, which I know will only drag me down into greater fear. Rather, I pray that I may learn to praise You for each day that passes, and for the goodness and grace that you have shown to me. Keep my little baby safe and warm, and protect him or her from all evil I pray and, please Lord, I pray that I may have a safe delivery. In Jesus' name I pray,