Prayer To Overcome Adversity

Heavenly Father, I thank You that You are my God and Saviour, and I bless You that You take and use every circumstance of my life to help me to mature in the faith, to grow in grace and to become the person that You would have me be. Lord, too often the circumstances of my life do not reflect my personal choice, but more and more You are showing me that Your ways are best for my life, and I do thank You for all that You are teaching me through the many adversities that I have had to face, for I recognise that through them You are drawing me ever closer into Your arms of love.

Help me I pray, to gain a greater understanding of Your perfect perspective on my life. Give me patience in all my adversities, and help me to recognise Your guiding hand and Your loving patience towards me. I pray that I will not be overwhelmed or overcome by life’s difficulties, but use each one I pray, to teach me more of Your character, love and grace. Please make me increasingly willing to be changed into the person You would have me be, to Your greater glory. In Jesus' name I pray,