Prayer To Let God Control My Life

Loving Father, I confess that I have been trying to sort things out in my own life for far too long, rather them handing over the reins of my life to You. Lord, I also know that I have been trying to carry the worries of others on my shoulders and in my own strength, as well as dealing with my own concerns and anxieties, and Lord, I am just about burnt out.

Father, I know that I can’t do this any more and want to cast everything on to You, otherwise I know I will go under and this is not Your will for my life. Please hear my plea and come to my rescue, and forgive me for trying to be self-dependent instead of God-dependent.

Thank You for Your many precious promises to help and comfort us, and to carry all our cares on Your shoulders. Lord carry me now I pray, in Your loving arms, and may I learn to abide in You and not to try to do everything in my own strength. Thank You for the truth that Your grace is sufficient, and help me to truly apply this in my life from this day forward. In Jesus' name I pray,