Prayer To Let Go - After a Sudden Death

Heavenly Father I come to You knowing that I have to pick up the pieces of my life after this devastating blow, which has left me shocked and grieving. Lord I don’t understand why this sudden death had to happen. But Lord I am looking to You and trusting You to see me through this time of deep and bitter sadness and loss.

Lord I think that the hardest thing is that we never were able to say, “good-bye” properly, There were many things that were left unsaid between us and this has left a deep sadness within my soul –I feel as if my bones are crying out and my breath seems to remain as a lump in my centre of my body – a heaviness seems to weigh me down. But Lord I know that Your grace is sufficient for Your strength is made perfect in my weakness. Lord I claim that strength now as I confess my own insufficiency and weakness.

Lord I ask You to be with me and to help me simply, LET GO. I know Lord that one day we will certainly meet again - for we are both Your children. Help me to see this as a short-lived period of separation which will one day blossom on a most glorious reunion – when You will wipe away every tear from my our eyes - and we will both stand before You in our heavenly home.

Lord I know that there are bound to be many times when memories and sadness will sweep over my heart – but into Your hands I commit my heart and soul and body - praying that You will never leave me nor forsake me – as You have promised.. Thank You Lord, in Jesus name,