Prayer To Keep Our Armed Forces Safe

Father, thank You for the men and women that have chosen to enter the armed forces and to keep our country safe from the many perils and the increasing numbers of dangers, that are so prevalent in the nations of this world.

Protect each one I pray, in Your gracious love and especially those that are having to defend our country in a hostile environment. Keep them safe from harm, and from the dangers that inevitably shadow the lives of those who follow this career path, and return them I pray, back to their countries, homes and families.

And Lord, more than anything else I pray that You would make Yourself known to those men and women in the armed forces that do not know You as their Saviour. Convict each one of their need of the Lord Jesus, and may many come to a saving faith in Him, so that their eternal future is secure in this volatile world. Thank You, Father, and into Your hands I commit each one. In Jesus' name I pray,