Prayer To Keep Me From Spiritual Pride

Father God, You alone are worthy to receive all honour and might and majesty and power and glory and honour and blessing, for you have created all things and You have made us for Your pleasure and to Your honour, and so I come today to offer myself to be used of You. Thank You, Father, for the spiritual gifts that You have given me. Lord, I know that today there are many evidences all around us that the spiritual gifts that You have graciously given to many in the Church, seem to be abused in the same way that they were misapplied in the church at Corinth.

Lord, I pray that You would use my spiritual gifts as well as my natural abilities to Your praise and glory and not for my own personal use or pride, and Lord, I accept that spiritual gifts are not necessarily an evidence of spirituality. Nevertheless Lord, I pray that I may grow in grace and in a knowledge of Jesus. May I grow spiritually and become mature in the faith, so that my spiritual gifts may be used as befitting a mature man or woman of God.

Humble me if necessary Lord, for I do not want to become puffed up with pride, knowing that You have been bestowed so much grace and generousity with the spiritual gifts that you have given to me. Help me to rightly use all that You have given me wisely and appropriately, and keep me ever low at the cross and broken before You.

Father, I praise and thank You for every spiritual gift I have, and I prayerfully dedicate each one back to You, so that they may be used as You would have me use them, to help and encourage other believers in these difficult times and to lift up Your name – for I desire that You increase in every area of my life and that I decrease, until it is not I, but Christ that lives in me and works through me.

Help me I pray, to discover the proper way to use my spiritual giftings, and I pray that You would teach me how exercise all my spiritual gifts, to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name,