Prayer To Find A Job

Dear Lord, You have promised that before we call You will answer and while we are still speaking, You will hear. Lord, You know the difficult situation that I have found myself in and I come to You again to ask that in Your grace and kindness, You would provide for me and my family with the job that I so desperately need. 

Lord, I know that there are many people in this same situation, but I am Your child and You have promised to provide for our needs according to Your riches in glory. Provide for me speedily I pray, with a job so that I may provide for the needs of my family. 

Open the door of opportunity I pray for me, so that I may not fall into debt and keep abreast of the household bills that seem to keep mounting. Have mercy on me I pray. Have mercy on my family and others that are in the same situation. Help Your children Lord. It says somewhere in the Bible that I have never seen the godly begging for bread. Father, I do not deserve Your kindness, but the Lord Jesus is my Saviour, and I ask that You would find me a job for the sake of Your dear Son, Who died for me and rose again so that I might become one of Your children by faith in Him.

In Jesus' name I pray,