Prayer To Control My Weight Gain

Dear God, I am coming to You as I need Your help. I have tried to lose weight many times over but I find it so difficult to stop eating. Lord - I like to call it a little bit of ‘cuddly’ weight - but I know that in all honesty this should be labelled for what it is – it’s stems from gluttony.

Lord, I am ashamed that I cannot control my eating habits and it is becoming embarrassing to me – and I believe that it is also developing into a health problem as I am finding I have some breathing problems. Help me Lord, I pray to rid myself – not just of the weight, but of the fixation I have for food.

Lord I want to stop lying to myself and to You - and face this problem head on and call it what it is…. an eating obsession. I have been critical of others in the past, who have had other forms of obsession – for which I ask Your forgiveness, but I want to face the truth in my own life and I am coming to You to ask Lord, to ask for Your guidance and help as I seek to break this evil habit in my life.

Thank You Lord for always being there for me,

Amen I thank You for all the provision