Prayer To Be Wise In The Things Of God

Heavenly Father, as I look through the Bible at the great cloud of witnesses in both the Old and New Testaments, all of whom were pleasing in Your sight, it is my desire to live the life of faith that they demonstrated so beautifully, and to become wise in the things of God.

Lord, I want to know more of You, to gain a deeper knowledge of Your Word and to discover Your perfect will for my life.

Father, I desire to make a difference in this world and to live for You, even when I know that it will lose me the respect of neighbours and friends, and cost me very dearly.

Teach me Your ways I pray. Open the eyes of my heart to understand more of Your Word. Unblock my ears to Your gentle voice and open My eyes to see Jesus in all that I say and do. Thank You, Father, that Christ is both the power of God and the wisdom of God.

I pray that I may know more of the Lord Jesus in His humanity, and ask that I may be increasingly transformed into the likeness of His image, and live as He did in humble obedience to Your voice, and increasing in wisdom with every passing day. I ask this in Jesus' name,