Prayer To Be Guided Into All Truth

Heavenly Father I come to You in poverty of spirit, to seek Your face during a time when the truth of Your Word seems to be being attacked on every side, and few seem to know or understand about the truth of Scripture. Father - it is sometimes hard to know what is true in a world when everything to do with God is being attacked – not only in the secular arena but in many Christian ministries as well.

You promised that Your Holy Spirit would guide Your children into all truth – especially those that seek You with all their whole hearts and Lord I want to seek You and know You more and more – but Lord, I do not want to be influenced by wrong doctrine or false teaching.

Keep me I pray and guide me in my life as I read Your Word and study the scriptures. Prevent me Lord, from being swept into the many false doctrines that are sweeping through Christendom today. Give me a discerning heart I pray and help me to find a teacher that will teach me the whole council of Your Word of Truth so that I may grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You Father, in Jesus name I pray,