Prayer To Be An Effective Spiritual Watchman

Father we thank You that You have set watchmen on the walls of Your church to help to restore and rebuild the lives of many believers, whose hope in You seems to be weak and crumbling due to this wicked and evil generation in which we live. Help us in the power of Your Spirit to restore lives back to a focus on You and to encourage their hearts with the gospel of grace and truth, which is contained in the unchanging and unchangeable Word of God. Thank You that Your Word is life and health and hope to all who feed on it in their hearts by faith, with thanksgiving.

Help me I pray to be an effective and efficient watchman on Your wall and I pray that I may be faithful to carry out the work of interceding for so many members of the Body of Christ, who are finding life in this world so hard to endure. May I be faithful to lift up in prayer family and friends, co-workers and acquaintances - and those in Your body that are struggling with their faith in You. Protect and help all our Christian brothers and sisters who are facing severe and bitter persecution in so many countries of the world.

Comfort and encourage them in whatever situation they may find themselves and may each one be mightily used by You as a good and faithful witness of the saving blood of Jesus in Whose name we pray,