Prayer To Be A Sweet Smelling Sacrifice

Heavenly Father, my desire is to do Your will and to do it willingly and without question, even though my nature and tendency has often been to kick against the pricks of my life-circumstances and to try to steer my own course independently of You.

Nevertheless, I pray that by the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I may be willing to present my entire life to You as a sweet-smelling savour.

Lord, I want to be changed into the person that You want me to be, and to leave behind the things of the flesh, to walk in newness of life, and in spirit and truth with Your Holy Spirit in the driving seat of my life.

Lord, I want to prove what is Your good and acceptable will for my life and to allow Your Holy Spirit to change in me all those fleshly tendencies of life and selfish motives, that so often cause me to sin against You. I want to learn obedience through Your child-training work in my life, so that I may be used to bring encouragement to others in thought, word, deed and motive.

Keep me from prideful actions and from those little jealous thoughts that so easily tarnish my witness for You, and help me I pray, to develop an attitude of thankfulness and joy in the Lord. May I rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks to You for Your great goodness to me. Thank You, Lord, for the work that You are doing in me,

In Jesus' name I pray,