Prayer Of Thanks For The Cross Of Christ

Dear Lord Jesus, how we praise and thank You for Your sacrificial death on the cross of Calvary and that to all Who believe in You, it has become the glorious tree of life. Thank You for bearing my sin and shame, and for extending Your arms of love so wide as to embrace me in those nail pierced hands.

Thank You, that Your blood that was spilled on Calvary’s cross, has washed away all my sin, cleansed me and made me whole. Thank You, that You rose again on the third day and ascended on high bringing eternal life and conquering death for ever.

Lord, it is a real mystery to realise that God Himself came to earth to die for me, but I believe it to be true. Thank You for being my Saviour.

Thank You for redeeming and saving me, and forgiving me and loving me. Thank You for coming to earth to die for me, so that I might be saved and come and live with You forever. Praise Your holy name for ever and ever,